Increases engine power.

Depending on the features of car and vehicles, the fuel saver shall save 27% or more fuel savings.

About us

Our company has developed enriched ECO OIL fuel saver to show fresh air and real economical savings for customers for the first time in Mongolia in 2014 based on long-terms research studies and currently working with commitment to become the national leading producer.

About Eco Oil product

About Eco Oil product

Regular fuel has unorganized, large and small structures which leads it to non-full combustion. Thus, fuel consumption increases and emission of carbon dioxide increases as well. Mixing the eco oil product with fuel, it breaks down the structure of the fuel, turn it into same structure and increases the amount of oxygen in the fuel, and it leads to complete combustion. Complete combustion has many types of advantages such as decrease of fuel consumption, increase of engine power, decrease of emission of toxic smoke. Using fuel micro-organisms divided into very fine small organisms, the power of engine increases with a uniform one-time explosion. Complete combustion has many advantages such as decreasing toxic smoke, decreasing fuel consumption and increasing engine power. Based on bacteria special service, composition of sulfur and carbon dioxide NOX emission shall be decreased. Ingredients of Eco Oil Product Eco Oil product is a fuel supplemental product which mixed fuel with...

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Depending on the features of cars fuel consumption shall be decreased up to 45%.
Increases engine power
Decreases amount of toxic smoke for 70-90% which is emission of transportation vehicles.
Increases engine aging.
Cleans injector and cylinder
Starting shall be improved during winter season
Does it have negative effect on cars?
No. Raw materials of our product is nature originated, therefore it does not have any negative effect on technical parts and our products is insured.
Where is it produced?
How many percent does it save?
How to use it?
At what temperature does eco oil product freeze?
Could it be used with any kind of fuels?
Is eco oil product designated for only cars?
For how long do I need to use Eco oil product?

Air pollution

  As of today, the concentration of particulate air pollution in capital city is 10-25 times more than air quality standard amount of our country and became a city with most air pollution...


to pick Eco oil fuel saver

For the last 3, 4 years many kinds of supplemental products have been imported nationwide in Mongolia under name of auto chemical name. These products are said to be good in terms of quality, but in reality these comes to our hand after being through many stages after leaving the factory. This has some negative consequences. Why negative? Because it is rare to receive qualified products after freezing and thawing during importation. The advantage of our product is that it is produced in Mongolia and goes directly to the customers after leaving the factory. The distinctive feature of our products is it is purely natural and organic product with not chemical ingredients.

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